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/// Project created in 2016

Repertoire: original compositions & cover
Direction: collective

MAJUDI - three female performers present their pop-acoustic repertoire of cover and new compositions. One voice. One harp. One percussionist. Dynamic heart-felt melodies interpreted by three powerful musical personalities.
These well-versed jazz musicians perform with interactive panache. There is a certain sentient alchemy in their work. 

Drumer Lydie Dupuis’s contagious enthusiasm was at the genesis of this atypical trio.
Harpist Julie Campiche explores ever-new musical ground with impressive bass grooves, fairytale tones, and electronic effects. Her sound is especially varied and powerful.
Manon Cluzel’s voice is rich in subtle sensitivity. She totally invests each song with her presence.

/// Line-up

Manon Cluzel - voice
Julie Campiche - harp & FX
Lydie Dupuy - drums

/// Demo

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