" A Swiss band showcase was marked by its stunningly arty camerawork and an exquisite set by harpist-composer Julie Campiche. "
Selwyn Harris - concert/video review at London Jazz Festival - Nov. 2020

"It was all powerful stuff, driven by the reined in pyrotechnics of Campiche’s simmering rage and aspirations for change"
Tony Benjamin - concert review Abergavenny - Nov. 2022

" A singular voice, Campiche is carving out her own path and her development will merit watching. "
Ian Patterson - concert review at 12 Points Festival- Sep. 2018

“Campiche is far more than ‘just’ a ‘harpist’. Campiche has carved out a unique space Campiche’s use of the harp is just one element in a broader musical aesthetic that does indeed bring together many strands of music and culture. This altogether too brief immersion in her sound world revealed her to be something of a musical visionary, and one with a very human message behind the music.”
Ian Mann - concert/video review at Unterfahrt - April 2021 

"a highly distinctive and innovative quartet"
Ian Mann - concert review at Abergavenny - Nov. 2022


"Julie Campiche is clearly something else - something exceptional brilliant and surprising."

"Five minutes into their first number Aquarius was enough to realise we are in the hands of a visionary - in a compelling way. The sounds were (…) unique."

"This is the music of the future performed here and now."
Anne Garvey - concert review at Cambridge Jazz Festival - Nov. 2022



" As regards bands which particularly impressed me, the combination of harp with saxophone, bass and drums in Julie Campiche’s Quartet stood out; they created a very attractive and distinctive sound. "
Tony Dudley-Evans - concert review at 12 Points Festival- Sep. 2018


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