From 2012 to 2017
Repertoire: original compositions
Direction: Claire Hugunenin

© Mehndi Benkler

In a fragile albeit powerful way, Claire Huguenin plunges into diverse genres from jazz to cabaret and on into traditional folk melodies. Together Malcom Braff on piano, Julie Campiche on harp and Jeremias Keller on bass guitar create an intensely dizzying musical dialogue.

/// Line-up

Claire Huguenin - voice, guitare & bass
Malcolm Braff - piano & rhodes
Julie Campiche - harp
Jeremias Keller - bass

/// Press

"Claire Huguenin's solo Jibcae is an artistic tour de force… dramatic, ironic, and authentic."
BIX, Stuttgart - Top Acts Dec/Jan - 11.12.13
>> Press review - Jibcae

/// Audio

 Jibcae - Bonny at Morn
 Jibcae - Patchwork Heart
 Jibcae - Soul Farewell

/// Live @ Usine à Gaz, Nyon / Oct. 2014


From 2008 to 2016
Repertoire: original compositions
Direction: Yael Miller & Julie Campiche

© Thomas O'Brien

Orioxy's music is fragile, ephemeral and dreamlike. Lead singer Yael Miller and harpist Julie Campiche set the tone for the group's ever-evolving musical exploration. These two young women are the soul of the ensemble. Drummer Roland Merlinc and base player Manu Hagmann keep them grounded, something akin to pulling on the silken string of a soaring kite gone wild.

/// Highlights

Orioxy has toured European clubs and festivals from 2008 to 2016.
Their three albums have received positive reviews in the international press.
They have been classified as Revelation (Jazz Magazine), Favorite (République du Jazz), Discovery (Jazz News) and received 4 stars (Jazz Magazine).
Their latest CD was nominated for the German Disc Critics' Award in the World Music category.
They have received Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia 2015-2017 High Priority Support.
Orioxy was awarded the Avignon European Jazz Contest Grand Jury Award in August, 2013.
Femina Magazine named them 2014 Label Suisse Festival Favorite. 
Two of their songs were included in recent Swiss Vibes and Pro Helvetia's 2014 Jazz Made in Switzerland compilations. 

/// Presse

"A beauty that defies convention. A beauty that almost disturbs."
Jacques Prouvost, Jazzques

"Orioxy's music is the celebration on an idea of the world."
Francisco Cruz, Jazz News Magazine

"Orioxy's music gives birth to a pristine universe as it explores the myriad possibilities of the imagination. It cares nothing for labels."
Jean-Paul Ricard - Jazzmagazine

"What immediately strikes me while listening to Orioxy is the quality of sound the four musicians wish to create. And the rigorous silence interspersed throughout the concert that generates a disturbingly moving rhythm and groove."
"This is music that connects and weaves, it is unhesitatingly modern. It creates a universe between here and there, and is profoundly poetic. Each voice vibrates in accord with the other and we, the audience, are enthralled by its beauty."
Laurent Brun – Jazz Rhône Alpes

/// Line-up

Yael Miller - voice
Julie Campiche - harp
Manu Hagmann - double bass
Roland Merlinc - drums

/// Orioxy live @ Jazz à la Villette, Paris / sept. 10, 2015



From 2011 to 2013 
Repertoire: original compositions
Direction: collective

© Amador Ortega

 /// Line-up

Julie Campiche - harp
Jordy Martin - double bass
Henri Frechon - drums

/// Audio

 Ensemble vide - L'atteint - impro (Geneva, 2011)


From 2008 to 2013
Repertoire: free improvisation
Direction: Claude Tabarini

Joyful Charlie-Parker-like lyricism; stunning futuristic harp; poetic drum and bass... from haiku to jazz, Dadaistic provocation to fast food, tambourine to German poetry…

/// Line-up

Manu Gessney – alto saxophone 
Julie Campiche – harp
Mucyo Kamremera – basse
Claude Tabarini - drums

/// Audio

 Hypérion à Bellarmin - Impro no 1


From 2007 to 2015
Repertoire: jazz standards, pop and traditional Jewish music
Direction: collective

This duo was born at the meeting of two rather special young women. The first brought her harp to jazz, the second brought her Hebrew to the French-speaking world. Their musical connection was immediate. Their desire to create together spoke for itself.

Using a looper and keys, paper slid between the chords of the harp and vocal rhythms, they interpret their songs in an entirely innovative way. Be it pop-rock, jazz standards or traditional Jewish music, the fragility of both the vocal chords and those of the harp intermingle admirably. These two artists make the music their own in a very personal, authentic way.

 /// Line-up

Yael Miller - voice & looper
Julie Campiche - harp & voix

/// Audio

 Second hand duo - Sex Bomb


From 2008 to 2010
Repertoire: compositions from Alice Coltrane
Direction: Julie Campiche & Gilles Torrent

This quintet honors Alice Coltrane, pianist, harpist, organist and composer. Alice Coltrane was one of the early female jazz instrumentalists. Her husband John Coltrane's work was certainly a major inspiration; however she went on to create her own style. She recorded more than ten albums in her own name after his death.

/// Line-up

Gilles Torrent – saxophone
Linda Mangeard – piano
Julie Campiche – harp
Fançois Gallix – double bass
Tobie Langel - drums


From 2008 to 2010
musical performance group
Repertoire: free improvisation
Direction: collective

© Orianne Zanone

One of "Foreign Notes" main focal points is the relationship between sound, image and action – how does the one influence or modify the other, create or annul it. Diverse visuals, musicians' occasionally unexpected actions, or simply odd happenings on stage do not desacralize but rather shift the sacred elsewhere during the concert-performance.

/// Line-up

Olga Kokcharova - piano 
Julie Campiche – harp
Yael Miller – voice
Serafin Brandenberger - clarinet 
Jacques Siron - double bass
Orianne Zanone – visual

/// Audio

 La Note Etrangère - Japon - impro


From 2009 to 2010
Repertoire: original compositions and free improvisation
Direction: collective

Breathing, lyrics, chords and voice interact in the spontaneity of the moment. 
This duo's work approaches the intimate.


/// Line-up

Jean-Jacques Pedretti – trombone
Julie Campiche – harp


From 2005 to 2010
Repertoire: original compositions, jazz standards & traditional music
Direction & composition: Gilles Torrent

Gilles Torrent's World Jazz Sound plays music that may be defined as jazz intermixed with traditional song. The orchestra is made up of a double quartet experimental laboratory (jazz quartet: saxophone-piano-contrabass-drums; traditional quarter: vocals-violin-harp-darbouka).

/// Line-up

Gilles Torrent - saxophone soprano, clarinet & arrangement
Jamila Dorner - voice
Julie Campiche - harp
Erida Bega - violin
Andrea von Flüe - darbouka, tambourin
Mathieu Rossignelly - piano
François Gallix - double bass, lotar
Tobie Langel - drums
Emily N. - dance


From 2005 to 2010
Repertoire: Greek and Albanian traditional music
Direction: Gilles Torrent

Gilles Torrent founded Skaros in October 1982. This group plays traditional Greek and Albanian music.

/// Line-up

Jamila Dorner – voice 
Erida Bega – violin
Gilles Torrent – clarinet, voice
Julie Campiche – harp
Sylvain Fournier – percussions


From 2007 to 2008
A play for 9-year-olds and up

A harp, a double bass and four actors travel through fairytales and music, through smiles and frowns, as they seek the improbable land where forgotten things live.

Production: Philippe & Julie Campiche
Director: Isabelle Bouhet
Co-autor: René Trusses

/// Line-up

Philippe Campiche  storyteller
Julie Campiche – harp
Yael Miller – voix
Jacques Siron – double bass


Julie Campiche 4tet - Flash Info (excerpt of the album "Onkalo")
Julie Campiche 4tet - Cradle Songs (excerpt of the album "Onkalo")
Julie Campiche 4tet - Onkalo (excerpt of the album "Onkalo")
Julie Campiche 4tet - To The Holy Land (excerpt of the album "Onkalo")
Julie Campiche 4tet - Lepidoptera (excerpt of the album "Onkalo")
Julie Campiche 4tet - Dastet Dard Nakoneh (excerpt of the album "Onkalo")
Julie Campiche Standards Trio feat. Yohan Jacquier - Angel Eyes (feat. Yohan Jacquier)
Julie Campiche Standards Trio feat. Yohan Jacquier - Israel (feat. Yohan Jacquier)
Julie Campiche & Yohan Jacquier - Peace (duo feat. Yohan Jacquier)
Eric Longsworth Trio - un sacré imaginaire - Almighty
Eric Longsworth Trio - un sacré imaginaire - Au clair de la femme
Jibcae - Bonny at Morn
Jibcae - Patchwork Heart
Jibcae - Soul Farewell
Orioxy - Amor fati (excerpt)
Orioxy - Isha (excerpt)
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Orioxy - Ibud Hatmimout (excerpt)
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Orioxy - Song of love (excerpt)
Orioxy - Bachour meshouamam (excerpt)
Orioxy - In my head (excerpt)
Orioxy - Blackbird (excerpt)
Orioxy - Parenthèse (excerpt)
Orioxy - Im Tamouti (excerpt)
Orioxy - Tfila / Ben Azra (excerpt)
Orioxy - The Other Strangers (excerpt)
Orioxy - A Wise Man (excerpt)
Orioxy - We're Done - May 21 (excerpt)
Orioxy - Wishluck Star (excerpt)
Orioxy - Worlddatabase of Happiness (excerpt)
Orioxy - Zman (excerpt)
Orioxy - Lost Feet (excerpt)
Orioxy - Saba Bobi (excerpt)
Orioxy - The Child (excerpt)
Ensemble vide - L'atteint - impro (Geneva, 2011)
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