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/// In a few words...

Harpist Julie Campiche’s work is an on-going process of musical innovation. Through research and experimentation she has developed the use of electronic effects that enhance the scope of her improvisational work. She has a very personnel technique and her own musical language. 

Julie introduced her harp into the world of jazz and contemporary music in a very organic way. She now performs in numerous European clubs and festivals on a regular basis. Through her innate curiosity and desire for new experience she plays with groups that have diverse instrumentation and esthetics. Be it theatre or contemporary performance, octets or duos, compositions or free-style improvisation, Julie infuses her music with an urgent fragility. 

In addition to her concerts as a performing musician, Julie recently discovered a great interest in composition. To further her development in this field, she received the 2020 cultural grant from the Leenaards foundation
For example, Julie received the mandate from RTS (Radio Television Switzerland) to create the radio jingle Espace 2 which was on the air from September 2016 to March 2020.
In November 2019, at the request of the Jena-based baroque orchestra Capella Jenensis, Julie wrote the music for a meeting between her quartet and a quartet of musicians from this baroque ensemble. This project won 1st prize at the Nacht Klang of Musikfest Erzgebirge and the radio Deutschlandfunk Kultur will produce an album with this music.
In 2020, Julie had the pleasure of being one of the three composers of the Bodycity project, a multi-disciplinary show that took place in Lausanne as part of the Youth Olympic Games.

/// Awards

/// Highlights collaborations

Jasper Høiby, Erik TruffazMalcolm BraffAndreas SchaererEric LongsworthClaire Huguenin (Jibcae)Manu HagmannCédric Chatelain, Wolfgang Zwiauer, Manu Gesseney, Jacques Siron, François Gallix, Gilles Torrent...

/// Highlights concerts

Cheltenham Jazz Festival, 12 Points FestivalCully Jazz FestivalSchaffhauser JazzfestivalCopenhagen Jazz FestivalGaume Jazz FestivalMatch & Fuse FestivalJazz à la VilletteJazzèbreAvignon Jazz FestivalJazz à VienneFestival de la BâtieAvignon Festival off (theater)Swiss Harp FestivalKlangfestFestival International Harpe en AvesnoisHafensommerAntigelYstad Jazz Festival, etc.
Sugar ClubAMR, Chat Noirl’Usine PTRMoodsBee-flatSunsetLa BellevilloiseLe PériscopeLe Moulin à JazzUnterfahrtB-flatBixMoritzbasteiKunstfabrik Schlot, etc.

/// Teaching

Since 2018


Ponctual substitute teacher for Anne Bassand at the Centre Artistique du Lac

Nov. 2015

Co-leader / Orioxy workshop in group improvisation with rhythm section dedicated to harpists 
at the conservatoire de musique du Nord Vaudois

May 2014

Teacher / Master Class in Improvisation at the Swiss Harp Festival

Oct. 2013

Co-leader / 3-day Orioxy workshop in group improvisation with rhythm section dedicated to harpists
at the Elise Estavoyer Harp School 

Since 2013

Private lessons – all levels

2012 - 2013

Substitute teacher for Elise Estavoyer at Elise Estavoyer Harp School

/// Studies


First harpist to get a Master Degree in Jazz Composition and Performance at the Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne (HEMU)
Professors : Emil Spanyi, Bänz Oester, Mathieu Michel


First harpist to get a Bachelor Degree in Jazz at the Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne (HEMU)
Professors : Jeff Baud, Emil Spanyi, Jean-Pierre Schaller

2011 - 2013

Advanced studies / CNR Department of Classical Music, Lyon, France
Harp technique for jazz 
Professor: Christophe Truant

2005 - 2012

First harpist to study at the CNR Department of Jazz, Lyon, France
Professors: Jérôme Regard, Jean-Louis Almosino, Rodolphe Guillard & Mario Stantchev


Diploma in Musical Studies (DEM), Classical Harp / CNR, Lyon, France
Professor: Christophe Truant

2004 - 2009

Private jazz harp studies with Park Stickney
AMR workshops: latin jazz, tango, standards, jazz modal, spontaneous composition, jazz harmony, development of the musical ear, etc.)

1991 - 2002

Geneva Music Conservatory, classical harp
Professor: Catherine Eisenhofer


Julie Campiche 4tet - Flash Info (excerpt of the album "Onkalo")
Julie Campiche 4tet - Cradle Songs (excerpt of the album "Onkalo")
Julie Campiche 4tet - Onkalo (excerpt of the album "Onkalo")
Julie Campiche 4tet - To The Holy Land (excerpt of the album "Onkalo")
Julie Campiche 4tet - Lepidoptera (excerpt of the album "Onkalo")
Julie Campiche 4tet - Dastet Dard Nakoneh (excerpt of the album "Onkalo")
Julie Campiche Standards Trio feat. Yohan Jacquier - Angel Eyes (feat. Yohan Jacquier)
Julie Campiche Standards Trio feat. Yohan Jacquier - Israel (feat. Yohan Jacquier)
Julie Campiche & Yohan Jacquier - Peace (duo feat. Yohan Jacquier)
Eric Longsworth Trio - un sacré imaginaire - Almighty
Eric Longsworth Trio - un sacré imaginaire - Au clair de la femme
Jibcae - Bonny at Morn
Jibcae - Patchwork Heart
Jibcae - Soul Farewell
Orioxy - Amor fati (excerpt)
Orioxy - Isha (excerpt)
Orioxy - Princeless (excerpt)
Orioxy - Go now (excerpt)
Orioxy - Old world (excerpt)
Orioxy - Ibud Hatmimout (excerpt)
Orioxy - Peter (excerpt)
Orioxy - Song of love (excerpt)
Orioxy - Bachour meshouamam (excerpt)
Orioxy - In my head (excerpt)
Orioxy - Blackbird (excerpt)
Orioxy - Parenthèse (excerpt)
Orioxy - Im Tamouti (excerpt)
Orioxy - Tfila / Ben Azra (excerpt)
Orioxy - The Other Strangers (excerpt)
Orioxy - A Wise Man (excerpt)
Orioxy - We're Done - May 21 (excerpt)
Orioxy - Wishluck Star (excerpt)
Orioxy - Worlddatabase of Happiness (excerpt)
Orioxy - Zman (excerpt)
Orioxy - Lost Feet (excerpt)
Orioxy - Saba Bobi (excerpt)
Orioxy - The Child (excerpt)
Ensemble vide - L'atteint - impro (Geneva, 2011)
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