/// Creation in progress

Repertoire: compositions originales
Direction & compositions: 
Julie Campiche


Strings Project brings together musicians from diverse musical backgrounds.

Two virtuoso musicians from Switzerland and the USA share one common bond, i.e., they each excel in classical music and jazz. This was a key element in the genesis of this project.
A rhythm section with Jasper Hoiby on double bass and Nicolas Bianco on the electronics drums and sound design.
Julie Campiche - who initiated the project – has studied and performed three distinct musical genres that include classical, improvisation, and electronic music. With Strings Project she combines but also expands their limits.

String quartets that play with jazz or rock groups are not uncommon these days. Strings Project is an attempt to explore and further develop this type of experience. Julie has chosen a trio format rather than a quartet to allow each artist greater creative freedom. The trio consists of a viola, a cello, and a double bass. When played together these three instruments give the impression of being an entire albeit non-traditional string ensemble. Using a viola rather than a violon while adding the double bass creates a deeper larger ensemble sound.

/// Line-up

Victor Darmon (CH) – viola & FX
Eric Longsworth (US/F) – cello
Jasper Hoiby (DK) – double bass
Julie Campiche (CH) – harp & FX
Nicolas Bianco (CH) – electronics drums & sound design

/// Audios

Here are a few excerpts recorded during a concert.




Line-up for this recording:
Séverine Morfin (F) – viola & FX
Eric Longsworth (US/F) – cello
Manu Hagmann (CH) – double bass
Julie Campiche (CH) – harp & FX
Christophe Calpini (CH) – electronics & drums

Julie Campiche 4tet - Flash Info (excerpt of the album "Onkalo")
Julie Campiche 4tet - Cradle Songs (excerpt of the album "Onkalo")
Julie Campiche 4tet - Onkalo (excerpt of the album "Onkalo")
Julie Campiche 4tet - To The Holy Land (excerpt of the album "Onkalo")
Julie Campiche 4tet - Lepidoptera (excerpt of the album "Onkalo")
Julie Campiche 4tet - Dastet Dard Nakoneh (excerpt of the album "Onkalo")
Julie Campiche Standards Trio feat. Yohan Jacquier - Angel Eyes (feat. Yohan Jacquier)
Julie Campiche Standards Trio feat. Yohan Jacquier - Israel (feat. Yohan Jacquier)
Julie Campiche & Yohan Jacquier - Peace (duo feat. Yohan Jacquier)
Eric Longsworth Trio - un sacré imaginaire - Almighty
Eric Longsworth Trio - un sacré imaginaire - Au clair de la femme
Jibcae - Bonny at Morn
Jibcae - Patchwork Heart
Jibcae - Soul Farewell
Orioxy - Amor fati (excerpt)
Orioxy - Isha (excerpt)
Orioxy - Princeless (excerpt)
Orioxy - Go now (excerpt)
Orioxy - Old world (excerpt)
Orioxy - Ibud Hatmimout (excerpt)
Orioxy - Peter (excerpt)
Orioxy - Song of love (excerpt)
Orioxy - Bachour meshouamam (excerpt)
Orioxy - In my head (excerpt)
Orioxy - Blackbird (excerpt)
Orioxy - Parenthèse (excerpt)
Orioxy - Im Tamouti (excerpt)
Orioxy - Tfila / Ben Azra (excerpt)
Orioxy - The Other Strangers (excerpt)
Orioxy - A Wise Man (excerpt)
Orioxy - We're Done - May 21 (excerpt)
Orioxy - Wishluck Star (excerpt)
Orioxy - Worlddatabase of Happiness (excerpt)
Orioxy - Zman (excerpt)
Orioxy - Lost Feet (excerpt)
Orioxy - Saba Bobi (excerpt)
Orioxy - The Child (excerpt)
Ensemble vide - L'atteint - impro (Geneva, 2011)
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